Jan 27, 2013

Care for some Liquid Sand? Oh yes please

A few months ago when I first saw the Mariah Carey by OPI collection I was really intrigued by the 4 unusual, gritty yet glittery and sparkly polishes baptised Liquid Sand by OPI.
After a couple of unpublished late summer swatches of them I was conquered! I'm not a fan of Mariah's music but I was blown away by the polishes created for and with her.

What a crazy idea to create textured polishes when we are all trying to even out the surface of our lacquers, using and abusing thick jelly like topcoats. But this novelty really works and is mesmerizing.
I actually can't stop looking and and touching my nails when I have one of these on.

Black/red:           Stay The Night
Blue:         Get Your Number
Red:          The Impossible
Purple:      Can't Let Go

The first one I tried was Can't Let Go, the purple one. I wore it as a full manicure at a conference I gave. Sorry for the crappy picture, it's the only one I had.

Recently I wore the blue one, Get Your Number and I must admit it's my preferred one!

I tried adding a topcoat but clearly preferred it without.

Yesterday I was once more in a Liquid Sand mood so I decided to wear Stay The Night. In the bottle I wasn't crazy about it the first time I saw it but on the nails it's a completely different story. See for yourself:

The only one I haven't worn as a full manicure yet is The Impossible but I'm not a huge red/pink fan (don't be fooled by my screen name!) so I might reserve it for those days when I'm in a Barbie mood.

Now you are probably imagining that these polishes are a huge pain in the a... to remove. They are unless you use the foil method:

So what are your thoughts on the Liquid Sand polishes? Have you tried any yet or do you already have a preferred color? 

Have a great Sunday :)



  1. Chez nous ils sont pas encore sortis ceux la. Comme d'hab, je ne sais pas si je vais en acheter ou pas, mais j'ai plutot tendence a dire non.

    1. Ah c'est certain, pas tout le monde les aimera... Ils existent en mini-pack si jamais tu finis par être tentée :)

  2. I only really want to try the blue and black one. One of these days I'll get my hands on them.

    1. Thos are my two preferred ones as well. I hope you find them :)

  3. I initially wasn't drawn to this collection but Stay The Night keeps calling out to me. I love all the other ones you posted as well, they're actually pretty

    1. I was a bit meh when I saw the first promo shots towards the end of the Summer, but I was conquered rapidly. I actually even got backups for two of them!Go for the minis if you're not certain if you're gonna like them :)

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