Feb 3, 2013

Long to short & Light to Dark

For today's post, I thought I'd show you the evolution of my nails throughout the week. Quite a few changes to consign in my nail diary as you will see in a second.

I usually wear my nails short but have let them grow out quite a bit this month. Pretty unusual for me but I felt like it and actually really like them long.

Here's what they looked like from Monday to Friday:

I'm wearing A Butterfly Moment & Pink Yet Lavender, both from the Mariah Carey by OPI collection. I really liked this manicure and actually prefer wearing neutral and nude nearing polishes when my nails are this long.

And on Friday night, I have no idea what happened in my tired overworked little brain but I went clipper and file crazy and hacked off all the length, sacrificing my long nails and giving birth to  nubbies. This new length was calling for something dark so I dug out Lincoln Park After Dark from it's hiding place and topped my index and middle fingers with Pink Yet Lavender. I'm so in love with this glitter, using it and abusing so much recently.

I almost regret having shortened them although I do like them at this length. It's just that I got used to them being long. Oh well, I might let them grow back.

Any thoughts? Do you prefer them long or short? Do you keep your nails at the same length most of the time or do you oscillate between lengths, chopping them off in crazy spells like I did on Friday?