Sep 30, 2011

Calvin Klein's Indigo blue


Here's just a quick post on a great Calvin Klein polish I found recently in a clearance sale. It came in a set with 4 other polishes for a bargain price.

I had never seen CK lacquers before and have to admit I wasn't sure the quality was going to be good. Well I was in for an excellent surprise. These polishes are great. Grab'em if you find any! I mean the colors are gorgeous and the formula was perfection.

Indigo blue is the polish I'm showing you today (I'll swatch the others soon). It's extremely pigmented and you could use only 1 coat, but as usual, I chose to apply 2.

What do you think of this electric blue? I'm in love with it!

Thanks for reading and have a nice Friday.

Sep 29, 2011

Nfu OH 60


As promised, here is another of my newly purchased Nfu OH polishes, #60.

I layered this gorgeous black jelly based flakie polish over China Glaze's Liquid leather (just a basic black one coater polish) because I didn't feel like applying 3 coats to have an opaque coverage.

The flakes are reddish orange and they shift to green. So gorgeous. I can't stop staring at my nails.

I applied 1 coat of sèche vite to get an ultra glossy finish but I might go matte tomorrow.

What about you, do you like flakie polishes? If yes, which ones?

Thanks for reading!

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Sep 28, 2011

Nfu OH 49 and 50


As promised here are a couple of pictures of 2  flakie polishes I layered over OPI's I'm not really a waitress.

These 2 Nfu Oh polishes are stunning! I can't wait to try them over a different colored base.

I used 1 coat of each on my nails then applied a matte topcoat (Essie's Matte about you) for an even better result! I love these flakies and am so glad to finally own a few!

Sorry for the noticeable tip wear...I've had my base polish on for almost a week!


Nfu Oh #49

Nfu Oh # 50

Sep 27, 2011

Got my order in!

Dear lacquer lovers,

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been busy with uni that started on Monday. Wow, I'm really gonna have a ton of work this year! Cross your fingers for me :)

As you noticed in the title of this post, I received my order or Nfu Oh polishes and will start swatching in the next few days. They are all gorgeous and I can't wait to try them all. For the time being I've only tried two flakie polishes that I layered over my existing mani (OPI's I'm not really a waitress) and love them already!

Have a nice evening!

Chocolate kiss from Switzerland :)

Sep 25, 2011

OPI's I'm not really a waitress


I hope you are all having a nice weekend. Mine's been pretty busy and will be even more tomorrow!

For today's mani I used OPI's I'm not really a waitress, a deep crimson red shimmer polish with burgundy undertones. Such a gorgeous shade.

The formula was great; this could be a one coater if you apply it carefully. I chose to put 2 coats on.

I don't know if this polish stains so I put 2 coats of my basecoat on. My nails are still pretty badly stained by The one that got away so I didn't want the situation to get even worse!

Have a nice evening!

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Sep 24, 2011

Essence's Skyscraper (#02) from the Urban Messages collection

Hello lovelies!

Here is another Essence polish I got the other day. I really like Essence polishes because they are very pigmented, long lasting and inexpensive. 

The one I chose to show you today is Skyscraper, a gorgeous light grey with blue, silver, gold and green micro shimmers. My camera didn't really pick the shimmers up well but believe me they are there!

Have a nice Friday :)

Both pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Sep 22, 2011

Waiting for my order: my first NfuOh polishes!

Hello again!

I forgot to say that I just ordered my very first NfuOh polishes today. I'm so excited to get them! The order mainly consisted in flakie and holo polishes. I can't wait to get them!!!

You can't find NfuOh polishes where I live and having heard so many good things about them I was really eager to get my hands on of couple of these nice polishes. I hear it's a South Korean brand. Hmmm, my neighbour is from Seoul, I should probably ask her about the brand if she knows about it. 
Anyway, I ordered them on this website a friend told me about:

I've never orderd from that website before and don't know what to expect. We'll see!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day/evening.

Essence's Nude it + Circus confetti Mattified


I've been pretty busy so sorry for the belated post on the mattified version of my nude with glitter mani. But as promised, here it is!

The matte topcoat I used is Essie's Matte about you. It's just the best I've tried.

I prefer the matte version. What about you?


The picture was taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Sep 20, 2011

Essence's Nude it + Circus confetti

Hello lacquer lovers!

I got a few Essence polishes today and wanted to share my preferred one first: Nude it.
This polish is supposed to match your skin and it pretty much did mine in the bottle, but it seems a bit more gray on my nails... I thought I had found my perfect nude polish match but I'll have to keep searching! Nevertheless Nude it is a very nice polish. The formula was great and fully opaque in 2 thin coats of lacquer.
At fisrt I thought of leaving my mani simple but then decided to add some sparkle with my preferred multicolored and multi-sized glitter topcoat: Circus confetti (also by Essence). To speed up the drying time I applied my usual Sèche Vite topcoat.

I really like the end result but will surely try adding a matte topcoat tomorrow.

What do you think of this mani?

All three pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Sep 18, 2011

OPI's The one that got away (#NL K08)


I thought I'd share this gorgeous polish I got a while back and have worn several times already but hadn't swatched yet: OPI's The one that got away (Katy Perry collection).

I absolutely adore this polish. It's formula and color are just pure pefection to me. I'd say it's a deep pomegranate foil type lacquer with magenta and very discreet gold shimmers. The shimmers are rather big and almost look like fine glitters. 
Oddly enough, this lacquer reminds me of a pomegranate and plummy version of Chanel's Graphite that I swatched last month.

I applied three coats of color followed by some Sèche Vite to get some extra sparkle but you could get away with 2 and no topcoat; that's how shiny and sparkly it is!

I don't know about you, but I think that Katy Perry's collection was awesome, absolutely awesome! Such a great collaboration. The only one I didn't get was Last Friday Night. 

Do you guys like/have this collection? What do you think of it?

Have a nice Sunday!

Photo 1:   Daylight, late AM.

Photo 2:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 3:   Daylight, late AM.

Photo 4:   Daylight, late AM.

Sep 16, 2011

Essie's Topless and barefoot

Hello all you polish lovers out there!

Yay it's Friday! I don't know about you but I had a great day: work, then some roller skating in the park and finally I went to pick my niece up at kidergarten with my boyfriend. I love picking her up from kindergarten, she's just the cutest little girl I've ever seen and is so sweet and funny. She always notices my polish and prefers when I'm wearing one of my many polka dot manis. Let's just hope she doesn't get too interested in makeup yet. I don't know about you but I believe kids shouldn't be wearing any makeup at all. I'm a teacher as you might know and see young girls (8-13 yrs) with lots of makeup on and it just doesn't look or feel right. I'm a firm believer that childhood is sacred and that kids should be kids. They'll have plenty of time to wear makeup when they are a bit older. 

Sorry for the little excursus, let's get back on track here!

For my NOTD I used Essie's Topless and barefoot, an opaque dusty light pink with nude-ish and very subtle lavendar and magenta undertones. I'm sure you guys already know this polish but I love it's color and felt like sharing it with you even though you can find thousands of swatches of it on the web. The color is very similar to OPI's Bare it in Trafalgar Square that I swatched a while ago.

Topless and Barefoot's formula wasn't great: a bit thick and streaky even after having added some thinner. I had to apply 3 coats to even out the streaks and bald patches and ended up with the polish looking too thick on my nails... I hope it was just my bottle. Anyways, I really like the color here! Once again it's one of those hard to describe lacquers that looks different on everyone.

To help my polish dry and smooth it's surface even more, I used Sèche Vite and didn't notice any shrinkage.

Have a nice Friday!

Photo 1:   Picture taken outdoors (late PM).

Photo 2:   taken indoors in artificial lighting (no flash).

Sep 14, 2011

OPI's Samoan Sand


This will be a very quick post as I have a terrible migraine and will be off to bed in the next minutes :(

This isn't my NOTD as I'm still wearing Tickle my France-y that I looooove, but a picture of a mani I wore a few days ago. Actually I'll be showing you pics of two manis I wore recently, both for which I used OPI's Samoan sand, a beautiful nude polish.

Samoan sand's formula was very good, only not opaque enough for my taste. I applied 4 coats!!


Photo 1:   Samoan sand in natural lighting (mid PM) and with shiny top coat (Sèche Vite)

Photo 2:   Samoan sand in artificial lighting (no flash) and with shiny top coat (Sèche Vite)

Photo 3:   Samoan sand (+ OPI's Hopelessly in love on ring finger) in artificial lighting (no flash) and with matte topcoat (Essies' Matte about you)

I really like the mani shown in the last picture and call it my reverse mani: on my left hand I wore Samoan Sand on all but my ring finger, on which I applied Hopelessly in love, and on my right hand I did the contrary, i.e I wore Hopelessly in love on all fingers but my ring finger, which was sporting Samoan Sand. On day 1 I left this many shiny (no photos, sorry!) and decided to feshen it up on day 2 with a matte topcoat. 
Both polishes look pretty much identical in the pictures, but believe me it was noticeable in real life.

Sep 13, 2011

OPI's Tickle my France-Y (# NL F16)

Hello polish lovers!

I hope your week started out well. Mine did :)

For my NOTD I wanted something nude-ish with a bit more color. I looked through my collection and hesitated between a few polishes and finally made up my mind for Tickle my Francey, a soft rosewood pink with mauve and fleshy undertones.

I really like this polish. It has the perfect formula which means it isn't too thin or thick, doesn't streak or make any bubbles and dries quickly to an opaque finish. I used three coats because I really dislike VNL but am sure you could get away with two coats.

For my topcoat I used Sèche Vite and am happy to say that there was absolutely no shrinkage! Yay!

Thanks for reading and have a nice Tuesday!

All three pictures were taken in natural daylight (early PM).

Sep 10, 2011

OPI's Skull and Glossbones + Spark de triomphe


I hope you are all doing well and having a nice Saturday. It was really hot where I live today and tomorrow it's supposed to be even hotter and sunnier! Yay! Summer is not over!

For my NOTD I wanted something clean with a dash of glitter and sparkle. I chose OPI's Skull and glossbones for my base, a beautiful light gray creme from the Pirates collection. The formula is great, no streaks or bubbles and the 2 coats I applied dried quickly to an opaque finish without any VNL.
I absolutely adore this color and collection. In my opinion, it's one of OPI's nicest collections. Didn't use to be so much of a pastel fan but these are just the nicest: not too girly, a bit dusty and murky. Just perfect!

For the extra sparkle on my ring fingers, I used 2 coats of Spark de Triomphe, a gold/silver glitter polish. This color looks different on everyone. It can seem more gold or silver depending on your skintone. On me I'd say it's a perfect electrum color. I love electrum which is a natural alloy of gold and silver that the Ancient Egyptiens used profusely. Many temple and palace doors were used covered in plates of this alloy. Temple furniture, ritual vases and royal insignia were also often made of electrum.
I'm not a huge fan of gold or silver polishes which are often too yellow, copper or gray,  so this is a good alternative because it's a perfect mix of both.

I used a  topcoat (Sèche Vite) but not on my ring fingers. 

About Sèche vite (pronounced Sesh Veet. Trust me, I'm Swiss and French is my everyday language!!!), I noticed it caused some polishes to shrink, just like China Glaze's Fast Forward topcoat. None of that happened with today's mani. 

Shrinkage really annoys me. I mean you take your time to paint your nails neatly and then everything gets ruined by the shrinkage. ARRGGGHHHHH!
I'm thinking about making and posting a list of polishes that shrink with Sèche Vite. Might be usefull for all of us polish lovers!

Have a nice weekend!

Picture taken in artificial lighting.

Sep 9, 2011

Night sky mani

Hello lovelies!

Sorry I haven't been posting so much these days. I got carried away by work but am glad to be back!

For my NOTD I tried to create a night sky effect by layering 2 China Glaze polishes: First mate (a navy creme from the 2011 Anchors away coll) and the infamous Fairy dust (very fine silver holo glitter in a gel base).

I used 2 coats of First mate and only 1 of Fairy dust because I didn't want a star overload. Less is more, no?!

I'm pretty happy with the result. What do you think of my mani?

All 4 pictures were taken in articial lighting, the last one with flash.

Sep 5, 2011

OPI's Step Right Up! (#NL F28)

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty lousy as I was sick (caught a cold on Thursday). Well I'm feeling much better today and was glad to start off my week at work.

For my beginning of the week mani I chose something a bit classic as I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow. I just couldn't go to work with the very bright green polish I had on Sunday! I wanted a light pink but nothing that cries bubblegum or Barbie so I opted for OPI's Step Right Up, a whitish creamy pink. 

This polish is sheer if you apply 1 coat but I chose to do 3 to get a more opaque finish. The formula was fine. No streaks, clumps or irregularities in sight! Yay!

Sorry for the messy cuticle lines on a few of my nails, I was a bit messy today and took the photos before I had time to clean my lines!

Thanks for reading!

All the pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.


  • Base:   Revlon's calcium hardener (2 coats)
  • Top:    Sèche Vite (1 coat)

Sep 3, 2011

warm toned ombre mani

Hello Lovelies,

For my NOTD I wanted to try a warm toned ombre.

The polishes I used are:

  • Thumb:   China Glaze's Hey Sailor
  • Index:     Essie's Geranium
  • Middle:  Nivea's Hot Coral 
  • Ring:      Essie's Van D'Go
  • Pinkie:   Essie's Baby's Breath
Have a nice day!

Photo 1:  Daylight (late PM).

Photo 2:   Artificial lighting.

Photo 3:   Daylight (late PM).

Sep 2, 2011

China Glaze's Below Deck (#954) + In the City (#990)


I hope you all had a nice week. Mine was very busy; so busy that I caught a cold... I hate being sick and having a fever. 

For my NOTD, I used two polishes by China Glaze: Below Deck from the Anchors Away collection and In the City from the recently released Fall 2011 Metro collection. I thought these polishes would like nice together as they both have similar tones.

Below Deck is a muted taupish purple with warm gray undertones. The formula was a bit thick but dried evenly with 2 coats. I really like this color and have seen many swatches of it, but it seems to look different on everyone. On me it's more purple than gray and you can't really notice the taupe.

In the City is a clear based fine glitter polish. The glitters are silvery purple and copper but the purple ones are dominant (you can't even notice the copper glitter in the photos). In the City is pretty opaque. I only applied one coat and it pretty much covered the base color. You could probably get an opaque coverage without VNL in 2 coats. I haven't tried this polish on it's own as I layered it over Below Deck on my ring fingers but I'll post a picture of it when I don't wear it over another polish. 

To speed up the drying time I used China Glaze's Fast Forward topcoat. It works the same way as Sèche Vite but is thinner and doesn't cause any shrinkage (Yay!). I really dislike it when I spend time doing my nails and end up with the tips of my natural nails showing...

Thanks for reading :)

Photo 1:   Daylight (mid PM), no flash.

Photo 2:   Daylight (mid PM), no flash.

Photo 3:   Daylight (mid PM), no flash.

Photo 4:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 5:   Daylight (mid PM), no flash.