Sep 10, 2011

OPI's Skull and Glossbones + Spark de triomphe


I hope you are all doing well and having a nice Saturday. It was really hot where I live today and tomorrow it's supposed to be even hotter and sunnier! Yay! Summer is not over!

For my NOTD I wanted something clean with a dash of glitter and sparkle. I chose OPI's Skull and glossbones for my base, a beautiful light gray creme from the Pirates collection. The formula is great, no streaks or bubbles and the 2 coats I applied dried quickly to an opaque finish without any VNL.
I absolutely adore this color and collection. In my opinion, it's one of OPI's nicest collections. Didn't use to be so much of a pastel fan but these are just the nicest: not too girly, a bit dusty and murky. Just perfect!

For the extra sparkle on my ring fingers, I used 2 coats of Spark de Triomphe, a gold/silver glitter polish. This color looks different on everyone. It can seem more gold or silver depending on your skintone. On me I'd say it's a perfect electrum color. I love electrum which is a natural alloy of gold and silver that the Ancient Egyptiens used profusely. Many temple and palace doors were used covered in plates of this alloy. Temple furniture, ritual vases and royal insignia were also often made of electrum.
I'm not a huge fan of gold or silver polishes which are often too yellow, copper or gray,  so this is a good alternative because it's a perfect mix of both.

I used a  topcoat (Sèche Vite) but not on my ring fingers. 

About Sèche vite (pronounced Sesh Veet. Trust me, I'm Swiss and French is my everyday language!!!), I noticed it caused some polishes to shrink, just like China Glaze's Fast Forward topcoat. None of that happened with today's mani. 

Shrinkage really annoys me. I mean you take your time to paint your nails neatly and then everything gets ruined by the shrinkage. ARRGGGHHHHH!
I'm thinking about making and posting a list of polishes that shrink with Sèche Vite. Might be usefull for all of us polish lovers!

Have a nice weekend!

Picture taken in artificial lighting.


  1. Wow I love that greyish white colour!! It's so beautiful with glitter... Did an awesome job! *followed you*

  2. I love the murkiness of Skull and Glossbones and it pair so nicely with gold glitter :)

  3. I honestly wasn't a big fan of the pirates collection I have steady as she rose(hate) and mermaid tears(love). I just don't think muted colors really appeal to me as much as I try to love them. If you could post the shrinkage list that would totally be awesome!

  4. I didn't like muted colors before either but this collection got me hooked so bad!
    About the shrinkage list, I'm working on it and will post it asap. I might just make a list of the polishes I own and precise which ones shrink with Sèche Vite and Fast Forward.