Sep 14, 2011

OPI's Samoan Sand


This will be a very quick post as I have a terrible migraine and will be off to bed in the next minutes :(

This isn't my NOTD as I'm still wearing Tickle my France-y that I looooove, but a picture of a mani I wore a few days ago. Actually I'll be showing you pics of two manis I wore recently, both for which I used OPI's Samoan sand, a beautiful nude polish.

Samoan sand's formula was very good, only not opaque enough for my taste. I applied 4 coats!!


Photo 1:   Samoan sand in natural lighting (mid PM) and with shiny top coat (Sèche Vite)

Photo 2:   Samoan sand in artificial lighting (no flash) and with shiny top coat (Sèche Vite)

Photo 3:   Samoan sand (+ OPI's Hopelessly in love on ring finger) in artificial lighting (no flash) and with matte topcoat (Essies' Matte about you)

I really like the mani shown in the last picture and call it my reverse mani: on my left hand I wore Samoan Sand on all but my ring finger, on which I applied Hopelessly in love, and on my right hand I did the contrary, i.e I wore Hopelessly in love on all fingers but my ring finger, which was sporting Samoan Sand. On day 1 I left this many shiny (no photos, sorry!) and decided to feshen it up on day 2 with a matte topcoat. 
Both polishes look pretty much identical in the pictures, but believe me it was noticeable in real life.


  1. Beautiful nude colours! :)

  2. Samoan sand is on my wish list! This is such a pretty nude color. I hope your migraine goes away! Feel better! :)

  3. I really like this polish too but there are many dupes for it, like H&M's Nerd, OPI's Bare it in Trafalgar Square (old formula containing toluene etc.).

    A great nude polish for your skintone might be OPI's San Tan Tonio, Dulce de Lecce, Barefoot in Barcelona or maybe even Essie's newly released Case Study.

    Thanks for asking about my migraine, it finally went away thanks to a mix of ibuprofene and paracetamol (acetaminophen in the States I think) :)

  4. They all look super pretty, and so cleanly done!

  5. @Nail Nerd, Thanks! I'm a little anal about neatness!!! Love your name :)