Apr 6, 2012

Dreaming of the tropics


Do you ever close your eyes and imagine you are on a beach, drenched in monoï oil, holding a mojito, a hibiscus flower in your hair, the waves tickling your toes? That's the mood I'm in right now.
Unfortunately there is no beach around here and this mani is the closest I'll get to the tropics in a while.

What am I wearing? Well a bathing suit of course! Just kidding! Actually Essie is on the beach with me, reading a book named "Nice is Nice, but Turquoise & Caicos is even better".

3 coats of each, no topcoat.

Gotta go, scuba diving can't wait!


  1. Yes I do that a lot-wish I were in Myrtle Beach sitting there listening to the waves!

  2. I wish I was on a warm beach with a good book (and polish!) year round! This mani made me smile for some reason (: PS: I love how you introduced the polishes used lol (;

    1. Thanks for your nice compliment. I felt like doing things differently since I haven't been posting quite as much lately