Jul 29, 2011

I finally got my hands on The Holy Grail of topcoats: Sèche Vite


Sèche Vite topcoat isn't a legend, it really works! Not only does it dry polish quicker than most topcoats, but it really smoothes it out and provides incredible shine.

Apparently it also eliminates the small bubbles that form in many white based polishes, but I haven't experienced that little miracle yet because the polish I used Sèche Vite on today doesn't bubble, thank you Mermaid's tears by OPI.

I hate those bubbles that seem to appear no matter all the techniques I have tried, such as not shaking the bottle of polish but roling it instead, applying thin layers and letting each one dry properly etc.
My next mani will have to be with one of my polishes that I love but that has an uneasy application and tends to emprison those annoying little bubbles: OPI's Mod about you.

I hope Sèche Vite will solve my Mod about you problem... We'll see!

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