Jul 26, 2011

Nail design 2: Abstract French mani

Hi guys,

Here is another easy nail design with a French twist! Follow the steps if you want to try it out.

1) Place in  front of you everything you will be needing (basecoat, 2 nail polishes of your choice, topcoat, orangewood stick + remover for cleanup)

2) Apply your basecoat and let it dry a few minutes

3) Apply your base color,  2 coats of it, letting each one dry a couple of minutes. I used OPI's beautiful Classic from the Designer Series (OPI DS). I love that color and the holographic effect it has!

4) With the other nail polish you chose for this mani, paint the tip of your nail. You can do it freehanded or use a French manicure stencil sticker, it's up to you and your dexterity!

4) No it's time for some polka dotting!
Place a drop of the polish you chose for your French tip on a sheet of paper, dip your dotting tool in it and start placing dots on your nails. I did 3 dots on each nail (lengthwise) and stopped right above the French tip. The polish I chose is OPI's Mermaid's tears, a beautiful dusty turquoisy-green polish from the Pirates collections. Love that color!

5) Once the polka dots are dry, take the polish you used as a base color and place a drop of it on your sheet of paper. Dip your dotting tool/bobby pin in the drop and place a very small polka dot in the center of the already existing dots on your nails.

6) Apply your topcoat after a couple of minutes of drying time and you are redy to go!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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