Feb 12, 2012

A Legendary polish

Hello my dears!

I am very excited about this post and have actually been postponing it for 2 days now because of my work. I'm swamped.

I have a gorgeous and very mysterious polish to show you today. An a-england beauty from "The Legends" collection: Princess Sabra (aka Tristam eyes).

I ordered most of the polishes from this collecion last Sunday and received them Tuesday. I contacted the lovely Adina Bodana, the master mind behind the a-england line and was lucky enough to get them so quickly. Adina really is such a sweet person. I wrote her a couple of emails and she replied to each one of them ever so quickly, I almost thought she was reading my mind and mentally replying via her email!

"The Legends" collection is now availible on the a-england website, so if you are as mesmerized by these polishes as I am, start placing your orders ladies!

The polishes I ordered are all prismatic (or holographic if you prefer, although the term isn't correct) and have a depth and mystery to them I've never seen before.

I also ordered THE KNIGHT basecoat and THE SHIELD topcoat. I haven't tried the topcoat yet but am really pleased with the basecoat. It has a great consistency and dries quickly.

Back to Princess Sabra/Tristam eyes (Adina's cat. Hello Tristam! Miaow).
This polish, (sighs), ah this polish, I can't believe how incredible it is.

The color? How to describe this color? Hmm. I'd say it's an olive-gold base infused with prismatic particles that confer it that incredible shine, depth and fascinating "holo" effect that is very potent, even more on the nail than in the bottle.


The formula was great. Smooth, easy to apply, quick-drying and incredibly shiny. I didn't even use a topcoat and the end result was even shinier than when I use a high-gloss topcoat over a random polish.

The brush was perfect and allowed a flawless application.

Wearability? I've had this polish on since Tuesday and there are absolutely no signs of tipwear, no chips, no dullness of color, and I've been shifting through books, cleaning, cooking and doing dishes for 4 days now.

Thanks so much Adina for having imagined and created such an awesome polish. I'm really impressed by the quality, the colors, the application and so much more!

On to the pictures (sorry there are so many, I had trouble capturing Princess Sabra's beauty on camera due to the lack of sun)

The color reminded me of my preferred Nespresso coffee capsule (Indriya)

I immediately was in a medieval mood when I applied Princess Sabra!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm wearing this right now too--twins! :) I love it just as much as you do! Princess Sabra-and really the whole collection-are absolutely perfect. Love the rings too, they go marvelously with Princess Sabra!

  2. how pretty (: i love those a-england polishes but they're all so pricey!

    1. They are a bit pricey but they are worth it. They actually are cheaper than OPI's in Switzerland!

  3. I have this and have been waiting for sun before I wear it!! It is stunning!