Feb 5, 2012

My first Youtube video!

Hi there!

I'm very excited because I just uploaded my very first Youtube video! It's a nail polish video, obviously! I was pretty nervous about it and wasn't sure I wanted to be seen on screen but I enjoy watching these videos and thought I might give it a shot.

Please check it out:

I'm also excited because I just reached 100 followers! To celebrate, I might try to set up a giveaway in the next few weeks, although I'm not too keen on giveaways and don't want people to subscribe just for that occasion, I'd rather give my regular followers a little lacquered gift... I'm not sure yet and will continue thinking about it as soon as my exams are over.

Thanks for reading/watching


  1. sooo cool I just watched your video!!! I've already told you that i'm in love with your nail polish collection, can't wait to see the other video =p
    p.s: congrats for reaching your first 100 follwers !!!!!

  2. Great video!!! :) I am also camera shy.. but maybe I will try a video someday. Congrats on 100! :)