Dec 16, 2011

Essie's Dive Bar

Hello my dears,

As promised, here is another of the Essie polishes I picked up the other day: Dive Bar.

I was really eager to try this polish as it's color reminded me of a scarab and I love those little beetles. 
I was hoping the teal/purple duochrome effect would be as amazing on my nails as it was in the bottle, but was a bit disappointed... Nevertheless, the color is gorgeous and I don't regret my purchase.

As you can see, Dive Bar is a very dark, almost black shimmery teal polish. 

Only two coats were needed to reach full opacity as the formula was great. No streaks, bubbles or bald patches whatsoever.

For my topcoat I used Essie's Out The Door, but I'm not crazy about it as it doesn't seem to be self leveling...

Have you tried Dive Bar? 

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting (natural light lightbulb) without flash.


  1. I got this and have yet to wear it!!! So pretty on you!

  2. I am in looove with this color. It's sooo pretty!

  3. I have this too and love it! I agree though, it's awesome but would be even more amazing if the duochrome showed up on the nail as much as in the bottle. Still looks great on you though!

  4. Oooh Dive Bar is gorgeous! Loving that teal shimmer : )

  5. It's very pretty! I haven't tried it yet myself.

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies. Once again, my pictures don't really do this polish justice and can't capture it's true beauty. I can only recommend you try it or take a look at it in a shop.

  7. I still have yet to purchase this beauty mainly because nearly everyone likes it way better in the bottle. Perhaps I will come across a really good sale because at the moment I can't justify this $8 purchase.

  8. @Loodie loodie loodie: I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope Santa will slip this beauty in your stocking :)