Dec 27, 2011

Nars - Night Porter

Today I have a gorgeous Nars polish to show you:  Night Porter which is a dark metallic forest green with mustard/gold colored shimmers.

Depending on the light, it can seem very dark, almost black, or rather bright, I'm thinking almost emerald green.

One word: stunning!

I applied two easy coats followed by Revlon's Fast drying topcoat.

There were 3 polishes in this collection that came out during Fall; I also got Night Flight which I will be wearing shortly. Have you tried any of them?

Thanks for reading.

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting.


  1. Man this is the one I wanted but just couldn't pay that price-plus I am not a fan of the Nars formula-but I AM LOVING THIS GREEN!!!!

  2. @Lynn: Glad you like it.

    @Fingers: I know the prize is crazy and I rarely splurge on high end polishes but I needed this one. I used to be a huge fan of the eye-shadow before they made the polish equivalent.

  3. @Fingers: On the other hand I'm not crazy about Night Flight, pretty much regret purchasing it and am giving it to a friend.
    I'm not that familiar with the Nars formula but these were fine.

  4. I originally passed on this one because of the price but seeing how cool it looks on you, I want it now! Ugh, why does Nars have to be so nice but so expensive?! I'm such a sucker for pretty greens...

  5. Is this possible?! The amount of greens I like keeps adding up. Looks beautiful!

  6. @Chelsea: I know, Nars has some wicked prices and I usually pass but this one is special!

    @Loodie loodie loodie: I love greens and remember hunting them down in the 90's when they were rare treats. The choice is huge now and I can't stop getting more. No more Nars though...too expensive. Maybe this one could be frankened my dear chemist by adding gold and green shimmer to a forest green base. Let's get our alchemy manuals out :)