Jul 1, 2012

Back to green

Happy Sunday! (or in my case I should "happy rainday" as it is rain...)

I just got back from NY and had a wonderful time there. So many things to do and see and it felt great being back in the city.

I stuffed myself with donuts, pastrami sandwiches, gotham salads, NY cheesecake and so many other goodies I appreciate so much more when I'm there because the taste is just not the same as it is here. I can't even find donuts in Geneva...imagine my disarray! Oh I miss America.

And the drugstores! Oh my the drugstores. I love them! As a kid I could spend hours in them just looking at all the beauty and makeup products. I must have spent at least 4hrs of my whole trip in drugstores if I add up all my visits during my 10 day vacation!

Apart from eating and shopping we did of course go to the usual museums (Metropolitain, MoMa, Whitney, Brooklyn, Asia Society). If you are in NY now, check out the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn museum as well as the exhibit at the Asia Society, they were great.

Anyways, enough rambling about the trip, let's talk about nail polish.

For my return home manicure, I decided to go with a green ombre. It's not quite an ombre but it's as close as I could get having used only my OPI greens (weird jetlag challenge).

Anybody feel like playing? Guess what polishes were used...


Artificial lighting


Thanks for reading. 


  1. Great ombre! I'm guessing JITNB, Greenwich green, Shrek green, have no idea on middle and pinky. Oh, and hope to see some photos from NYC, your trip sounds amazing :)

    1. Thanks! You have two correct answers. Hint: I used white for my pinkie!
      Maybe I will actually post some pictures of the trip. Good idea!

  2. love this ombre mani!!! nice color choice =)

  3. Celui-ci, même si le vert est bien la dernière couleur que je me mettrai aux ongles, est magnifique... Il nous rappelle que de nos mains, nous pouvons faire pousser, nous pouvons faire fructifier. Une belle couleur de vie!