Nov 4, 2011

H&M's Hunt me down

Happy Friday everbody!

How has your week been? Mine was exhausting and I'm glad it's over. This is going to be a strange weekend: my man is going to the mountains with his buddies for a guys only rendez-vous, so I'll be alone in our home sweet home. At least I'll be able to do everything I want: watch my series, study without being disturbed, paint my nails all day if I want! Yay!

Today I have a gorgeous murky green polish to show you: H&M's Hunt me down.

I'm really liking these dusty-murky hard to describe polishes and feel like getting more. Any suggestions?

Hunt me down's formula was great. I applied 2 coats that I topped off with INM's Out The Door.

Thanks for reading!

Both pictures were taken in artificial lighting (natural light lightbulb) without flash.


  1. Lovely color, looks a little like Essie's Sew Psyched, very trendy and for fall

  2. @Marisa: My pictures don't really do this polish justice; it's actually much greener than it seems.

    @Hermetic: I does also reminds me of Sew Psyched, only a tad darker and without the shimmer.

  3. I love greys with a hint of green in it. Very pretty :)

  4. I love this shade, very pretty, but I can't tell there's green in it?!
    I was actually in the hunt of grey polishes today and found Revlon's Top speed in Stormy, very pretty shade but not the gray I was looking for, I wish it was a bit lighter/and maybe creamer?
    thanks for this post!

  5. @greeneyespinknails thanks for stopping by my blog, I googled Skull and Glossbones it's lovely^^ thanks so much! yeah Revlon Stormy is a pretty shade! I think I like it more now ^^ because the finish is so pretty and only "1 coat" is needed for the opaque finish!!!