Nov 3, 2011

OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby

Hi lacquered ladies (and gents if some of you read my posts),

How are you all doing? Managed to remove every last trace of your sticky Halloween makeup? :)

Today I have a gorgeous vampy polish to show you: Royal Rajah Ruby.

I've been wanting to pick this one up for ages and finally decided to since I'm in such a dark polish phase right now.

Royal Rajah Ruby bears it's name well, although it's shade could also be qualified as garnet. It's a classic blackened red drenched in ruby colored shimmers. Simply gorgeous.

The formula wasn't as great as I hoped it would be: a little too thick and tricky to apply. I had to add a few drops of thinner before even using it, and even then it was still too thick.

Two coats were needed due to the bald patches caused by the polishe's consistency. I topped the lacquer off with one coat of Sèche and didn't experience any shrinkage.

What do you think of Royal Rajah Ruby? Have you ever tried it?

Thanks for reading!

All pictures were taken under a natural light lightbulb, without flash.


  1. This is such a pretty red! I love colors like this one!!

  2. This is really pretty! It's a perfect color for the fall or winter.

  3. Shiny, deep and pretty. I like it. :)

  4. I'm glad you all agree and like it. I'm in love with this color :)

  5. I love this deep color! so pretty!

  6. thanks.
    don't worry!
    we wanna photo..^^;!