Oct 31, 2011

OPI's Lincoln Park At Midnight

Hi lacquer fellows,

Happy Halloween!

Today I'm showing you OPI's Lincoln Park at Midnight, one of my preferred polishes.

I'm usually not a fan of dark currant colored polishes, aside from Chanel's Rouge Noir, but this one is different because it has a gorgeous shimmer that gives it so much more depth than your average vampy lacquer.

Lincoln Park at Midnight has a wonderful formula that I had absolutely no issues with. Thanks OPI :)
I applied 2 coats followed by Sèche Vite. Yes I gave Sèche another chance since it played so well with My Private Jet, and am pleased to announce that there was no shrinkage in sight. Hip hip hurray!

As you can see in the pictures, this polish has almost the exact shade of an eggplant, veggie that I can't get to close to because of my allergies. Never liked them anyway, aside from their color.

I know that many people love this polishe's sister, Lincoln Park After Dark but I don't care for it too much because there are so many similar polishes out there. I way prefer the At Midnight version.

Thanks for reading!

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting (natural light lightbulb) without flash.

Bonus pictures for a little Halloween fright :)


  1. I've only heard of lincoln park after dark-but this is a really pretty purple!

  2. beautiful purple I also didn't know they had Lincoln park at midnight that's cool I want both now lol I like your Halloween makeup very scary.

  3. such a pretty purple! love it!
    ur Halloween makeup is scary *_*!!!

  4. I agree, I like this much better than the After Dark version. Very pretty!

  5. Thanks fo your comments ladies! I'm glad that I was able to show you a polish that some of you weren't familiar with, and that my makeup gave you a little fright! I hope you had a nice Halloween :)