Oct 14, 2011

Giveaways to get new followers? This is ridiculous!

This is just going to be a quick little post.

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of shocked that bloggers do giveaways just to get new followers! What is this??!! So you have to give presents to get followers???

What's next, handing out cash and paying people to follow you blog??!!

Come on ladies, quit the hypocrisy!


  1. I think if bloggers want to do giveaways to say thank you to those who have stuck with them, or if they do giveaways with hard to find products that not everyone has access to, then it's fine, but I agree, I hate it when people only do them to up their numbers.

  2. Thanks for your honest comment Amanda!

    I agree with with you too; it's a nice idea to do giveaways to express your gratitude and give people a chance to get hard to find polishes. But it's not normal to have to become a follower and spread the news about the giveaway by all means... I'm fed up with all the brown nosing on blogger.

    People should become followers because they want to and like what they see, not for giveaways or being noticed by "gurus"

  3. I actually somewhat agree with you although I am doing a giveaway right now. I will not be doing another one for a long time if ever. I did it to thank my loyal commenters but hate that people sign up for free stuff and never even read my blog and get this give me negative comments about my blog! Seriously? You dis my blog and expect to get free polish from me? I actually would love to delete their entries!

  4. Hi Fingers,

    Thanks for your comment. I totally understand what you mean. It must be an awkward feeling getting new subs just for free gifts! I can't stand that attitude, it's very disrespectful and not honest at all. Why don't you delete their entries? Don't leave them any space! Thanks for following my blog by the way!

  5. It is ridiculous...that being said, I recently started a giveaway to celebrate my 100 followers....which has totally spiraled out of control....have over 300 followers now, which makes me feel so cheap!

    Should have just done some secret giveaway...oh well!

  6. @Lauren: You have no reason to feel cheap or ashamed, you wanted to do something really sweet but some cheapie greedies made it turn sour. Shame on them, not on you :) Good idea for the secret giveaway!

  7. Totally agreed! So many people buy their followers. I understand the seldom giveaway to reward loyal readers or to review products, but having them all of the time is ridiculous.

  8. What! I can just buy readers?? What was I thinking. My 4 followers will have friends now! LOL. In all honesty thou, to each their own for the reasons they choose to have giveaways. But for those of you that truly and honestly want a giveaway just for their loyal followers to say thanks. Take just your current followers names on any given date put them in the magic giveaway excel sheet. Then post the giveaway winner. That should keep out any bogus readers.