Oct 20, 2011

OPI's Cuckoo For This Color

Hello lacquer lovers!

As a good Swiss, I had to show you at least one of the polishes from OPI's Swiss collection (Autumn/Winter 2010). I chose Cuckoo For This Color, a beautiful shimmery dark teal-ish turquoise. My camera didn't capture the shade of this polish too well so I guess you are going to have to use your imagination a bit here!

I must say, it bears it's name very well: I'm already cuckoo for this color!

The formula was fine, just a little streaky and each layer took a while to dry... To have an extra smooth finish, I applied 3 coats.

Since I'm kind of breaking up with Sèche Vite (too much shrinkage; too thick even when I use thinner etc.), I used China Glaze's Fast Forward topcoat instead to speed up the drying time. I much prefer it to Sèche Vite because it doesn't cause any shrinkage, at least not with the polishes I've tried it with so far. It even has a nice smell (well let's agree here, no polishes actually have a nice odor whilst they are wet, but Fast Forward's smell is much better than Sèche Vite's). It doesn't dry lacqer quite as swiftly as Sèche Vite, but the end result is the same because it also smoothes all the little imperfections you can get with certain polishes.

Do you like/own this Swiss beauty?

Thanks for reading!

Kiss from freezing cold Geneva.

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting.


  1. I love this green. Don't have it, but I love it on swatches. Hehe, I broke up with Seche Vite some time ago ... right now I'm loving Revlon Fast Drying Top Coat, it behaves really nicely, no shirkage or bubbling! But I have to wait until at least half of the bottle is finished, that's when my Seche Vite got all bi*chy.

  2. i like this color!! i must get it now. hahaha & just like you im going through a break up with Seche.. my friend introduced me to Revlon Quick Dry topcoat during a swap & i must say i like it more than seche.. give it a try :)

  3. This is such a gorgeous color!
    I am not a huge fan of green,
    but this one is so pretty^^
    and you have beautiful and neat nails :)
    thanks for sharing <3 <3

  4. I really love this polish! I have it and have been wanting to wear it lately, but I have bought so many new ones I want to try those first haha!

  5. This color looks great on you! I love the Swiss Collection, it's one of my favorites!! I'm about to try a new top coat, too... I hate how thick my SV gets :( but I don't know if I'll be able to handle something with a slower drying time!!

  6. Love love love this color! It's gorgeous. Have you ever tried Out The Door for a quick drying top coat?. I broke up with Seche Vite when I discovered it. It dries almost as fast without the shrinkage and streaking problems. Btw.. I ordered the RBL straight from their site - They do international shipping. I've also seen them on eBay, but you never know if eBay stuff is the real thing. :-)

  7. This is such a pretty color! I do not own it. Yet! I love the teal family of colors. I hate streaking but if it a pretty color I can over look that flaw. :)

  8. @Ulmiel + Maria: I also have Revlon's Fast drying topcoat and like it but I find it a wee bit thin... I'll finish my bottle but actually prefer China Glaze's Fast Forward. Have you tried it? It's really worth it.

    @Cotton Candy: Thanks for the nice compliment :) You made my day :)

    @I'm feelingnail-venturous: I know what you mean! I've been wanting to try this beauty for a couple of's been patiently waiting in my blues + greens box!

    @Emily: Thanks for the compliment! Ahh Sèche Vite..I'm so fed up of it. My new love is China Glaze's Fast Forward. It's really excellent. Give it a try!

    @Erythropolish: No I haven't tried Out The Door. Which brand makes it? Thanks for the info on RBL polishes; I'll check their website today! I love your name by the way! Very sanguine!

    @Nail Reflections: It's not that streaky; I've seen way worse with those milky colors containing a lot of white. Give this color a try! I'm already hooked on it!

  9. I don't have this-but love these kinds of teals-I have similar ones and love all of them!