Oct 26, 2011

OPI's Chop-sticking to my story

Hi there!

Halloween is just a few days away and I'm sure many of you are super excited. We don't celebrate in my country but I have very fond memories of Halloween when I was a kid in Connecticut. I remember being dressed up as a fairy (magic wand and all) and having my biggest toddler's fright when I got spooked by a very realistic Frankenstein disguise one of my neighbours wore!

The closest I'll get to Halloween will probably be this spicy pumpkin shade from OPI's Hong Kong collection: Chop-sticking to my story. My camera doesn't really do this gorgeous color any justice but I'm sure you must be familiar with it already. In real life it's more muted and dusty than in my pictures.

I have to coats of this beauty on. The formula was perfect and I could have gotten away with only one layer had I been more careful.

For my topcoat I used INM's Out the door. I just got it and already love it! Out the door is similar to Sèche Vite, only without the downsides (shrinkage being my pet peeve).

What are your plans for Halloween?

Thanks for reading :)

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting (natural light lightbulb) without flash.


  1. Nice color on you! My office has a costume contest for Halloween, so I'm trying to decide what to be. :)

  2. @KarenD: Oh that seems like fun! You don't have much time to decide on a costume. Any ideas yet? By the way, you are beatiful in your weeding gown; so glamourous! Happy anniversary! Hope you had fun in California :)

  3. very nice pretty color for the upcoming halloween^^

  4. Followed you back. :) This looks very nice on you! I like dustier, darker oranges more than the neon construction barrel oranges so this polish is more my style. I've heard good things about Out The Door. Would you say it dries as fast as Seche?

  5. @Chelsea: Thanks for following! I agree about the overly bright oranges. About Out the door, it doesn't dry quite as fast as Sèche Vite but it doesn't have the side effects I can't stand, such as massive shrinkage with many polishes I've used it with. Give it a try. I think they even have a sale on it now on