Oct 9, 2011

Peggy Sage's Poussière d'étoile


Having a nice autumnal weekend?  The cold Fall weather finally hit us here....and I had nothing better to do than catch a cold! Snif snif caugh caugh!

The polish I'm showing you today is Poussière d'étoile (stardust) by Peggy Sage, a French professional manicure line generally found in French salons. I never get my nails done in salons but was able to get my hands on this gorgeous polish in a beauty supply store near my home.

I'm not crazy about this brand but they do have some great colors, some of which I will swatch one of these days.

Poussière d'étoile is a shimmer + glitter (very few gold glitters) polish in a pearly white/pink duochrome base; in other words, a perfect polish for my speech on Cicero tomorrow. Gosh I hope the fever goes away before that...

I applied 3 coats and my usual Sèche Vite topcoat. Kind of fed up with Sèche Vite right now: too much shrinkage on too many of my polishes, which means that i?m on the hunt for another topcoat, yet again!

All pictures were taken in natural lighting (early PM)

Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday.

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