Nov 17, 2011

OPI's Designer De-Better

Hello Ladies and Gents!

How have you been doing since my last post? I've been pretty busy and just came back from Budapest. I really like that city and had so much fun with my sister there. She lives in London and we met up for a quick trip together. I hadn't seen her since Spring and missed her so much.

Today I'm showing you a polish that you already must have seen but it doesn't matter because it's so pretty and I really wanted to share this beauty with you.

As you know, Designer De-Better, one of the newly released polishes from OPI's Muppets collection, is a platinum polish infused with coppery pink flecks that you can't notice in my pictures but appear like magic in sunlight. Unfortunately we haven't had any sun in Geneva in days so you will have to imagine the pink flecks.

I think I applied 3 coats (but you could get away with 2) followed with INM's Out The Door topcoat.

Having had this polish on for 5 days now, I can tell that it's staying power is amazing. No tip wear or chipping at all; thanks OPI!

What do you think of this beauty? Do you like/dislike it? Has it found a comfy place in your stash or are you still dreaming of it?

Thanks for reading :)

All pictures were taken with my new Canon PowerShot SX220 HS camera, in artificial lighting (natural light lightbulb) and without flash.


  1. Your pictures are really great!! I am jealous that you get to see so many wonderful countries!! This is not a color for me-but it's pretty on you!!

  2. @Fingers: Thanks for your compliment on the pictures, I'm so happy I got this camera the other day. It was on sale so I jumped on the occasion. Living in Europe has the advantage of being so close to many countries, and with Easyjet and other low cost airlines, we get to do it for bargain prices if you reserve tickets months in advance. This trip was a gift from our dad since we are both kind of broke and hadn't seen each other in such a long time :)
    Have you ever been to Europe? If ever you want to come to Switzerland let me know and you can stay at my place. It's small but you are more than welcome :)