Nov 17, 2011

My first Helmer!

Hi lovelies,

I just got my first Helmer the other day and felt like showing it to you. I really hope this will be my one and only Helmer... but nothing is sure!

Say hello to my Helmer!

Drawer 1:   Crackle/Shatters, Sheer glitters + Sheer flakies.

Drawer 2:   Basecoats + Topcoats + Treatments.

Drawer 3:   Pinks, reds, oranges.

Drawer 4:  Blues + Greens.

Drawer 5:   Tutti Frutti (Grays, Blacks, Browns, Taupes, Whites) and Purples (left).

Drawer 6:   Nudes (right) and Stripers (which I never use by the way...)

Let me know if you spot a polish you like and want more details.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like that you have them in boxes in the drawers, and sorted in colour order. Mine are sorted after brand. :)

  2. @Rainbowify Me: I had them in boxes sorted by color before getting my Helmer and just thought it would be easier to leave it that way in order to keep the bottles from shifting in the drawers. I'm kind of an organization freak, my friends make fun of all my boxes and labels :) It's just so much easier that way!

  3. Ohhh. I love the way how you organize your polishes. Me envy. Haha. :) Love nude ones.
    Nice blog!