Jan 9, 2012

Essie's Bobbling for Baubles

Hi there,

Here's another of the Essie polishes I picked up last month: Bobbing for Baubles (Cocktail bling collection).

As you might have noticed, I'm a huge fan of dusty polishes, dark ones as well, so this one is perfect for me!

Bobbing for Baubles is a navy polish with a hint of grey in it which makes it way murkier than your regular navy lacquer. Thanks Essie for this beauty!

The formula was perfect and could even be a one-coater. Nevertheless I chose to apply 2 thin coats followed by Revlon's Fast Drying topcoat.

Do you have a preferred polish from the Cocktail Bling collection?

Thanks for reading.

All pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.


  1. This is my favorite polish for winter!! I wore it with milani's gold glitter from the jewelfx line on a couple accent nails and its been my go to manicure for a month!!Sadly, my manicure skills are not as perfected as yours. Great swatch!

  2. agreed, great swatch! this was my favorite of this collection:]

  3. love your nails!
    i wish you visit my blog!

  4. @nasli_ : Thanks for your very nice comment! I'll be checking out your blog!

    @SeeSarahSwatch: Thanks!

    @Ilovesomeginger: Aww thanks for your sweet comment! I'm sure Bobbing for baubles looked great with gold glitter.

  5. I have this and absolutely love it. I think it's just so beautiful! Need to wear it again very soon!