Jan 12, 2012

Essie's Borrowed and blue + Kreative Blogger Award

Hello lacquer lovers,

To show off my slight tan I thought I'd wear a bright pastel polish and chose Essie's Borrowed and Blue, a light creamy baby blue.

I got this one a while back but was waiting to get some color on my skin before showing it to you.

The formula was great, not chalky, streaky or bubbly whatsoever. I applied three coats but you could easily get away with 2. For my topcoat I used Sèche Vite and am glad to say there was absolutely no shrinkage in sight.

I really like this blue. Have any of you guys tried it?

I will take advantage of this post to thank the gorgeous Ami of Pistols and Cobras for giving me the Kreative Blogger Award. Thanks so much for thinking of me my dear!

The rules for this award are pretty simple:

  • Link back to the person who gave you this award
  • Complete the questions below (and 7 random facts)
  • Award this to 10 other bloggers

1. Name your favorite song:     I don't even know where to begin, there are too many so I'll pass this question

2. Name your favorite dessert:    Chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and fruit (passion fruit, mangoes, papayas, pomegranate..)

3. What ticks me off:    People who aren't respectful of others, animals and Nature

4. When I'm upset I:    It really depends what I'm upset about. I usually try to talk it out with the person that made me upset or my boyfriend, friends or family but I might also keep it to myself and do stuff that changes my mood, like paint my nails, watch a movie, go for a walk...

5. What's your favorite pet:   cats, dogs

6. Black or White:   white (I wore too much black as a teen in my goth phase and am sick of it. I replaced it with navy years ago)

7. Biggest Fear:    being attacked by somebody with a knife

8. Everyday attitude:   I try to be positive everyday but it's not always that easy, it really depends on my mood.

9. What is perfection:   Something that doesn't exist but that everybody tries in vain to reach.

10. Guilty pleasure:    Spending way too much on nail polish!!!

7 Random Facts: 
  • I'm a leftie but was forced to use my right hand when I was learning to write...I still use my left though when I'm cutting stuff.
  • I love books and own many but never read any novels. 
  • I'm a history and science freak.
  • I love learning and teaching what I know.
  • I'm a bit lazy and when I have time I can spend days watching series and movies.
  • I'm half American half Swiss and spent my first years between Connecticut and NY
  • I'm an Aries and my rising is in Scorpio
Here are the 10 bloggers I'd like to pass this award on to:

  1. Lindsay at Yacking about Lacquer
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  9. Anne T. at Grape Fizz Nails
  10. Amy at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous
Congrats ladies and thanks again Ami for this award!

    Thanks for reading!


    1. i only have one essie, but this just totally convinced me i need more! love it!

    2. I love light blues like this! I have one that is extremely similar so I haven't tried Borrowed and Blue. ANd Congratulations and thank you for passing this award on to me! :)

    3. And I used to live in Connecticut! I loved it there! :)

    4. @Something Polished: That's funny! I have very fond memories living there. I was in Rowayton. Gosh I miss the States :(

    5. You're so welcome! You really deserve this award and more! Your blog is one of my favorites. (:

    6. @Ami: Oh you are so sweet! Your very nice comment made my day start so well and everything else seemed to indicate it was going to be a bit gloomy (didn't sleep well at all, cold, damp, foggy & gray weather, a cold...) Thanks sunshine :)

    7. Hee, if I waited 'til I got some color to use polishes like this, I'd never get to wear them. :) This blue looks great on you!

    8. @KarenD: I had actually tried this polish before but it looked terrible with my winter skintone and was hoping it would be more flattering with a tan :) I really like it now!

    9. Thanks so much :) That's very sweet of you.