Jan 14, 2012

Oh I've been bad! + OPI's Tasmanian devil made me do it.

Hi dears,

I've been bad and bought quite a few polishes yesterday :)

Check them out!

From left to right:  
Play the peonies, Mimosas for Mr & Mrs, The "it" color, Hot & spicy, Tasmanian devil made me do it.

Lemon fizz, Four leaf clover, Mom's chiffon, High hopes

Oxygen, Knotty, Gelato

I don't know what went wrong today but I must have been under some kind of Friday the 13th polish curse... Yeah right! (giggles)
I had to do my nails 4 times because I messed my polish up 3 times! That never happens to me, I don't know what went wrong. It made me nuts! Grrr + eyeroll :)

I changed color each time to eradicate the curse and here is the end result using OPI's Tasmanian devil made me do it.

The formula was excellent: 2 coats that glided on so easily and were absolutely opaque (you might have noticed but I really dislike visible nail line and will do pretty much any necessary number of layers to eliminate that problem).

The color is very bright and in my imagination reflects what a shrimp under extasy would look like!

Have you tried this beauty?

Thanks for reading and have a nice Friday.


  1. That color is gorgeous on you! I hate it when I mess up a fresh mani! I've gone through 3-4 in one sitting too!

  2. i cant wait to see Four Leaf Clover! it looks so beautiful! and sucks you had to do it 3 times , but hey! it was worth it . i love that vibrant color!

  3. Wow that is quite a haul! I am loving this devil of a color!, hahaha!

  4. i love all these colors and that OPI you're wearing is cute! i can relate to the VNL... i cant stand visible nail line!

  5. hehehhe very funny the post title. Lovely colours

  6. Just thinking about getting this color and your swatches are quite helpful. Great haul, perfect spring colors :)

  7. @Polish and Charms: Thanks Meredith! Isn't it annoying?

    @Maria: Thanks! And I can't wait to wear 4 leaf clover but I think it's going to be hard to capture on camera. I'll do my best!

    @Fingers: I know (blushing!). Love the color too and didn't want to remove it but the temptation to try the others won!

    @Ami: It's actually an obsession! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm always so disappointed when I get a polis and discover it's too sheer...

    @Beautyshades: Thanks :)

    @Hermetic: Thanks! Glad I could help. Did you end up getting the little devil?