Aug 21, 2011

Blue Candy mani


As I was working and cleaning pretty much all day, I messed up my nice blurple skittle mani. I wasn't wearing any gloves (I know,  I know....!) and the chemicals in the cleaning products attacked the matte topcoat, leaving white streaks.

For my new mani I felt like doing something festive and sparkly. No special reason to celebrate, just felt like having sparkly candy nails. I need glitter these days!

I chose OPI's No Room For The Blues for my base color, then I added Essence's nail art special effect topper in Circus Confetti (#02). As you can see in the pictures, the base color is a light to medium true blue creme. It applied evenly and dried quickly to a smooth and shiny finish. Two coats were needed for it to be completely opaque.

As to the glitter topper, it consists in multicolored (red, green, blue, green, gold, silver) and various shaped glitter in a clear jelly type polish. It dried to a semi-matte finish, so you really need to apply a topcoat for either a shiny or matte effect. I used Sèche Vite but will surely be putting a matte topcoat on tomorrow. 

All the pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.

Have a nice evening!

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