Aug 24, 2011

Chanel's Quartz (#525)


Ok ok I caved in and got the last Chanel polish from the Fall 2011 collection! 

I tried Quartz the other day when I got Graphite and I've been obsessing a little ( a lot!) about it ever since. Well I just couldn't resist (sigh) and got Quartz today!

Just as the other polishes from the collection, Quartz is a super sparkly shimmery metallic polish with micro fine glitter. This lacquer is certainly more discreet and classical than the other two as it a taupey gray that can easily be worn to work without getting any weird glances from colleagues! There is some glitter in Quartz (holographic, taupe, silver) but it isn't as noticeable as it is with Graphite. It is so fine and discreet that you can't even see it in the photos! Quartz has the most frosty shimmer and isn't a foil like Graphite and Peridot. 

The formula was ok. A bit tougher to apply as it was a little streaky. It seemed a bit sticky too but I think that's only due to the super hot weather and the fan blowing on me as I was putting the polish on. I know that wasn't a great idea but it's so hot here right now and there isn't a breeze.

All the pictures were taken in artificial lighting, without flash.
Please excuse the noticeable shrinkage on the tips of my nails. The layer of Sèche Vite I applied was too thick :(

What's on your nails?

Have a nice evening!


  1. This is a really pretty color! There's a Chanel Polish I want but at the moment I can't bring my self to pay the amount for it haha

  2. I understand! They are really expensive and I got a bit carried away but I really like the Fall collection...