Aug 20, 2011

Chanel's Graphite (#529)


I finally got my hands on Graphite!!! Hurray! 

I've been waiting for it to be released in Switzerland ever since I started seeing swatches of it on US lacqueristas' blogs in July, month when it hit the US beauty counters. Although I wasn't quite sure about this lacquer when I first saw photos of it, I really wanted to see it in person. Peridot was the one I had my eyes on and I was lucky enough to get it thanks to my mother who was in the States when Chanel released their Fall 2011 makeup look. 

Funny thing, last night I dreamt that this polish would be in stores today, and I was right! I love those kind of dreams! I stumbled upon Graphite as I was shopping and couldn't resist trying it on a piece of scotch tape at the Chanel counter. One swatch and I was conquered! This polish is gorgeous!

Graphite is one of those polishes whose color is very difficult to describe. I almost feel like we'd have to invent new words to portray it. 
I'd say it's a metallic oxdized silver base with micro gold, green and holographic glitter. Well I can't decide whether it's glitter or shimmer. It almost seems like the base color has some dusty rose and green duochrome going on there. VERY mysterious polish. I'm captivated by it's almost hypnotizing effect!

Like all Chanel lacquers (at least the ones I've tried), Graphite's formula is excellent. Five stars for coverage, consistency, shine and drying time. 
Even though this polish is VERY shiny on it's own, I decided to wear a topcoat, just to smooth the rather gritty finish caused by the glitter.

I'll leave my mani like this for a day or two but I'm tempted to layer another polish over it.....(Sigh!) I already have an idea of which lacquer to use and actually have to decide between a few, but am not going to tell you! Surprise surprise :)

The photos don't do this polish justice but I tried my best considering the fact that all my pictures are taken with my phone's camera.


Photo 1:   Artifical lighting, no flash.

Photo 2:   Artifical lighting, no flash.

Photo 3:   Artifical lighting, no flash.

Photo 4:   Artifical lighting, no flash.

Photo 5:   Artifical lighting, no flash.

Photo 6:   Artifical lighting, with flash.

Basecoat:   China Glaze's Strong adhesion basecoat.
Coats of Graphite:   2
Topcoat:   Sèche Vite (1 coat)

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