Aug 8, 2011

Shatter/Crackle manis - Part II


Tired of your neon mani? Try adding a Shatter/Crackle topcoat for an interesting effect.

I used CG's Pool party and OPI's Blue Shatter and didn't apply a shiny topcoat as I will be changing mani's tomorrow when I receive my newest polish order.

Photo 1:   Indoors, natural daylight.

Photo 2:   Outdoors, natural daylight.

Photo 3:   Outdoors, natural daylight.

Photo 4:   Outdoors, natural daylight.

I don't usually use shatter topcoats on a regular basis but like trying them out on 1 or 2 day old manis before I change polishes. I actually prefer these topcoats on clear polish. You can find a picture of that in one of my previous posts.

Have you caught the shatter/crackle fever?


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