Aug 14, 2011

Polka dots on Pure Porcelain


I thought I'd give my Pure Porcelain mani a summery edge by adding a polka dot design to it before I change my polish.

I chose several China Glaze lacquers for the dots:

  • Electric pineapple (a vivid greenish light yellow from the Summer 2011 collection)
  • Secrect Peri-wink-Le (a dark periwinkle blue with deep lavendar undertones)
  • For Audrey (a robin's egg blue supposed to be the exact same color as Tiffany's packaging)
  • Westside warrior (a warm and dark army green from the Fall 2011 collection)


Photo 1:   Outdoors, natural daylight (PM)

Photo 2:   Outdoors, natural daylight (PM)

Photo 3:   Outdoors, natural daylight (PM)

Photo 4:   Indoors, artifial lighting, with flash.