Aug 24, 2011

Oldie but goodie: OPI's Bare it in Trafalgar Square (#NL B13)


I finally made up my mind on which polish I wanted to wear to Paris: OPI's Bare it in Trafalgar Square.

I'm not sure when this lacquer came out but it's OPI's old formula (before they removed certain chemicals), recognizable by the black writing on a white label and by the skinny brush. The new formula polishes have a white label with green writing. 

I really don't like the skinny brush but the chemicals don't bother me. I teach chemistry and deal with chemicals that are a lot worse than the ones OPI removed. What bothers me the most with the brush is that it doesn't pick up enough product and you have to dip it in the bottle several times to cover each nail. That obviously results in uneven application and streaks. My solution to solve the problem was applying 2 layers of Sèche Vite to smooth the surface out. It worked!

I'm really happy with the color: a muted rosy nude. This polish is similar to Orly's Pure Porcelain, only a bit fleshier and darker. I put 2 coats on but you might be able to away with one thick coat.

Hope you enjoy this!

Photo 1:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 2:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 3:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 4:   Daylight (late PM), no flash.

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