Aug 6, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis


Chanel polishes are some of my all time fav. lacquers. It seems like you just cannot go wrong with a Chanel polish! 

OK, their color selection isn't huge, unlike China Glaze and OPI, but the formula on these polishes is great. No bubbles ever, even when I shake the bottle like crazy (Particulière needs to be shaken well or rolled before you apply it). The lacquer dries quickly to a high gloss finish and hardly ever cracks, chips or peels.

Photo 1:   

  • Splendeur (#217), a darkish blue based hot pink, 
  • Dragon (#475), a deep warm based classic red, 
  • Lotus rouge (#455), a deep blue based berry.

Photo 2:   

  • Rouge noir (#18), a vampy blackish berry,
  • Impérial (#469), a beautiful warm toned medium brown, very chocolatey!
  • Particulière (#505), a unique taupe with khaki and purple undertones,
  • Péridot (#531), a metallic greenish gold with purple and blue duochrome.

I'm really looking forward to try Peridot, one of the 3 new polishes from Chanel's fall-winter 2011-2012 collection shortly released in the States, but not sold in Europe until the end of August. 
Peridot is a beautiful greenish gold duochrome with hints of blue and purple. The color in the bottle really reminds me of a scarab shining all of it's beautiful colors in the sunlight. I wonder what it's going to look like on my nails.
The two other colors in the collection are Graphite (a metallic charcoaly gunmetal grey with some black hints and silvery sparkly shimmer) and Quartz (a metallic shimmery nudish antique rose). 

Sorry about the complicated color descriptions, but these polishes are really hard to describe. I suggest searching for swatches on Scrangie or another blog.


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