Aug 20, 2011

Chanel's Graphite + OPI's Spark de Triomphe (#NL S18)


When I applied Graphite yesterday, I already had in mind that it would look really nice with OPI's Spark de Triomphe (the glitter polish that came with White Shatter in one of the Glam Slam duos) over top. Spark de Triomphe is a clear polish with micro gold and silver shimmer as well as mutli sized and shaped gold and silver glitter. 

Instead of applying the OPI polish on all of my nails, I decided to only use it on my ring fingers.

The colors of these polishes are so similar that you can barely see Spark de Triophe at all! It only brightened (almost lightened) Graphite up a bit by adding some glitter and extra shine. 

Unfortunately you cannot see any of Graphite's multi colored shimmer and micro glitter with Spark de Triomphe over it...

Have a nice day!

Photo 1:   Daylight, late PM, no flash.

Photo 2:   Daylight, late PM, no flash.

Photo 3:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 4:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 5:   Artificial lighting, no flash.


  1. This is really cool! I like foil-like polishes :)

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  3. Me too. It's the perfect mix of metallic shades, shimmer and glitter. I find that some foil polishes are just too much and make my nails look like they belong in an 80's music video!