Aug 6, 2011

China Glaze's Pool Party


Here's China Glaze's Pool Party, a neon that's pretty hard to describe. I'd say a mix of neon red, orange and pink. 

As all neon's do, Pool Party dries to a semi matte finish. You can leave it like that but I really prefer applying a topcoat which smoothes the streaks that most neons leave and gives your polish a high gloss shine.

The pictures don't do this color justice, although photos 2 + 3 give you a pretty good idea of what this polish really looks like. Believe me, it's one of the most vibrant neons I've ever seen. 

Can polish get any brighter?


Photo 1:   Artificial light, no flash.

Photo 2:   Artificial light, with flash.

Photo 3:   Natural daylight, no flash.


  1. I've never used any neon colored polishes before, but after seeing these swatches I might have to. This color looks super pretty!

  2. Thanks!
    China Glaze has a few nice neons, such as Flip flop fantasy (neon coral), Celtic sun (Neon yellow), Shocking pink (neon pink) Japanese Koi (neon orange, Towel toy boy (neon blue), Tree hugger (neon green).
    Will post a picture of some of the above mentionned.