Aug 1, 2011

Opaque light pink comparison


While I was painting my nails with OPI's Mod about you, I was thinking of doing a little comparison of several opaque light pinks I own, such as:

  • China Glaze's Something sweet
  • China Glaze's Go go pink
  • Essie's Fiji

Photo 1:  #1: Essie's Fiji, #2: OPI's Mod about you 

Photo 2:   #2: China Glaze's Go go pink, #3: China Glaze's Something sweet

These pinks all seem very similar, which is pretty true, but they are far from being identical.
Fiji is by far the warmest of them all, and Mod about you is the coolest and the one that has the most white in it. Go go pink and Something sweet are the ones that are the closest in color. The only real difference is that Go go pink is warmer whereas Something sweet has lavandar undertones, but not as much as Mod about you.

Application wise, I must say that these China Glaze polishes apply well but have a tendancy in letting bubbles form, which is not so much a problem since I got Sèche Vite topcoat. Fiji goes on like butter.

Have a nice day!

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