Aug 28, 2011

China Glaze's Rodeo Fanatic (#666) + Atlantis (#813) on ring finger


I'm back from Paris! Had a great time but am really tired from the non stop walking and drinking in all the culture I could. 

Summer is starting to fade over here and work starts again tomorrow. I'm happy to see my students and colleagues but would love to still be on vacation a bit longer!! Teachers get long holidays and a lot of people are envious of that, but that time is not all fun and sun; we need those extra weeks off to prepare our classes, read, perfect our knowledge etc. My summer was really productive. I needed to prepare for two new classes I'm going to teach. In addition to my chemistry and biology classes, one of the new courses I'm going to teach is science to 5th and 6th graders. I usually only work with High school students so this is going to be very new to me!

For my back to school mani, I chose something a bit dark but needed to get my nails used to Autumn! I used two China Glaze polishes: Rodeo Fanatic and Atlantis.

Rodeo Fanatic is a shimmery metallic dark blue with teal undertones. I love this color. It seems extremely dark from some angles but is in no way one of those almost black polishes. The blue shimmer lightens this color up and makes it incredibly shiny and almost metallic. I used this color as the base polish on all of my nails then added Atlantis on my ring fingers.
Rodeo Fanatic's formula was good. It wasn't streaky or goopy and went on smoothly. The two coats I applied dried quickly to a very shiny finish. 

Atlantis is a sheer teal polish with silver holo glitter. It's very very sheer. You would need at least four coats for an opaque coverage. I prefer more opaque glitter polishes (I'm thinking OPI's Teenage Dream, Spark de Triomphe etc.) but do not detest the sheerer ones that look nice layered over an opaque base color. You cannot see Atlantis' color over Rodeo Fanatic. I just looks as though I had applied a clear holo glitter polish over top. 

The topcoat I used (China Glaze's Fast Forward topcoat) is new to me and I'm pretty happy with it. It wasn't too thick, applied evenly, didn't cause any polish shrinkage and dried quickly to a high gloss finish.

What is your back to school/work mani?

Photo 1:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 2:   Daylight (early PM), no flash.

Photo 3:   Daylight (early PM), no flash.

Photo 4:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

Photo 5:   Artificial lighting, no flash.

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